#IBelieve in Inspiration

Posted by Elizabeth Botts on September, Friday 11,2015

We believe in this determined mother who inspired her daughter to dream big, get an education, and have the life she always wanted.

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#IBelieve | Believing in the Potential of Others

Posted by Elizabeth Botts on September, Friday 11,2015

Do you remember where you got your start? Guaranteed there was at least someone in your life that helped get you where you are today. Someone believed in you enough to lend you a hand up and your potential rang through.

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Who's on Your Porch? Reflections from Women of Faith

Posted by Elizabeth Botts on August, Thursday 13,2015

I had the awesome opportunity to attend the Women of Faith conference last weekend in Denver, CO. Women of Faith has been around for over 20 years, World Vision being one of their partners for the past 17 of them. This conference brings women together from various walks of life in a way that unites them around common experience and common love for Jesus. For their farewell tour, World Vision Micro is joining them, advocating for female entrepreneurs and we are so grateful for the opportunity. So I went to check them out!

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Q&A with Economic Development Expert Jose Luis Figueroa

Posted by World Vision Micro on August, Thursday 06,2015


Jose Luis Figueroa is the Senior Director for Economic Development here at World Vision United States and has been working at World Vision since 1995. Jose Luis has had extensive experience in the area of microfinance over his many years of service and we were lucky enough to get an interview with him.

Our friend Kristy O'Hara, a writer for World Vision, recently sat down with Jose Luis for this exclusive interview!

*  *  *

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Micro Businesses Inspiring American Youth

Posted by World Vision Micro on July, Thursday 23,2015

Investing in impact is not just about giving a loan to an entrepreneur, it's also about investments the lives of donors. As supporters and donors, we truly hope you receive something in return. Here is a peek into one of our youngest but most passionate donors that has impacted many of our entrepreneurs and in return has been changed himself.

*  *  *

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End the Waiting

Posted by Elizabeth Botts on July, Monday 13,2015

Waiting. This is a word I tend to struggle with. Over the years, let’s just say I haven’t been known for my incredible displays of patience, rather I’m more known for being busy, active, quick to move, and persistent. Not all bad things, but these can make it extra difficult to just wait.

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Building a Business in the Philippines

Posted by World Vision Micro on July, Thursday 09,2015

Ever shop on Etsy and think about the people behind the business? Starting and growing a business is hard, takes time, and also takes support from others. Find out how the business dreams of one entrepreneur were made possible through the impact of a Micro loan.
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Freedom in Education for Joshua

Posted by Elizabeth Botts on July, Thursday 02,2015

As Americans, we celebrate freedom this weekend - freedom to speak, freedom to express faith, freedom to work as a woman, freedom of choice and opportunity, but around the world freedom may look different than this. Lets take a look at the story of a boy named Joshua who found freedom through a Micro loan.
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Meet the Team | Q&A with Micro Marketing

Posted by Elizabeth Botts on June, Thursday 25,2015


Believe it or not, World Vision is a company made up of people - real people like you and like me. It's easy for large organizations to get lost in their size and we don't want this to happen. So we are going to have a little bit of fun introducing you to the team!

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From the End of the Rope to Hope in Cambodia

Posted by Elizabeth Botts on June, Tuesday 23,2015

We hope you all had an awesome Father's Day on Sunday, and to wrap up how great it was to celebrate dads over the weekend, here is an amazing sucecss story of a dad named Ben. Ben is an entrepreneur that started with a $25 loan to grow his business, and now has tripled his income - tripled! The impact of his very first loan had rewards he could have never seen.

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