Confessions of a Dumb Husband: How I Use Gift Cards to Win at Life

Posted by World Vision Micro on February, Monday 01,2016

Valentine's Day is just two weeks away...have you thought about what to buy your special someone? Maybe ditch the chocolate and flowers this year, and go for something more meaningful.

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The price of freedom? $115

Posted by World Vision Micro on January, Tuesday 19,2016

Written by Jessie Lester, Writer, World Vision

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Full of Eggnog and Resolve: New Year’s Goal-Setting

Posted by World Vision Micro on January, Friday 01,2016

Written by Katie Garling, World Vision Supporter

Ah, January. The beginning of a new year and a new start — and possibly a new diet if Christmas has been particularly jolly. Not to mention that exhilarating feeling that “anything can happen this year!”

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Merry Christmas from the Micro Team!

Posted by World Vision Micro on December, Sunday 20,2015

Merry Christmas! I hope you're having a great December and remembering that amidst the busyness of this time, joy can be found in it all. That through our seemingly mundane tasks of shopping and cooking and gift giving we can find deeper meaning and connection. 

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Christmas Traditions from Around the World

Posted by World Vision Micro on December, Friday 04,2015

What are some of your favorite things to do around Christmas? Maybe you read the Christmas story, or always go to midnight church service on Christmas Eve. Or maybe you drive your kids around to look at beautiful Christmas lights.

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Why Skip Black Friday | Taking a Pointer from REI

Posted by Elizabeth Botts on November, Monday 23,2015


Did you hear what REI is doing for black Friday? As supporters of entrepreneurs around the world, when we hear about business genius like this, we notice.

* * *

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Top 10 (Real) “Worst Christmas Gifts Ever”

Posted by World Vision Micro on November, Friday 20,2015

Written by Shaun Kempston, Senior Writer, World Vision

I asked the Internet, “What’s the worst Christmas gift you’ve ever received?” and then sat back and waited for the responses to roll in.

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6 Ways to Share Big Dreams of Entrepreneurs this Christmas

Posted by Elizabeth Botts on November, Monday 16,2015


I don't know about you, but Christmas shopping can be really overwhelming for me. I have my list, I get the stuff I want, but sometimes I feel like I buy into the culture of consumerism so often associated with the holiday. So this year, I'm dreaming of the real meaning of the season and worrying less about buying and getting stuff. Will you join me? 

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Honoring 5 Friends | World Vision Micro

Posted by Elizabeth Botts on November, Monday 09,2015

YOU make all the difference to people and communities in need. That's because without people engaged in the work of ending poverty, we can't actually end it. The World Vision Micro program has some amazing supporters and partners behind it that are passionate about helping entrepreneurs around the world. Here are 5 friends of Micro we want to give a shout out to today!

* * *

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What an Impact! | Looking back over World Vision Micro's Year

Posted by Elizabeth Botts on October, Wednesday 28,2015

It's been a wonderful year at World Vision Micro, and because of you and other awesome supporters, together we've achieved incredible accomplishments.  

*  *  *

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