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Hotsauce4Good, changing the world one bottle at a time.

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Bob won’t tell you this, but he is a superhero.  His family resides in New Jersey and by all accounts lives a happy life in the suburbs.  Bob and his family are also perpetual “do gooders”.  They don’t sit still and they are not satisfied with the status quo.

About nine months ago we noticed we had a new Twitter follower, HotSauce4Good.  If that name doesn’t spark curiosity nothing will, so we did a little investigating.  It turns out HotSauce4Good had helped fund over 26 microloans with no signs of letting up.  We had to know more.

We flew to New Jersey not knowing exactly what we would find, but when we got there we were completely blown away.  

Bob started a company called Hotsauce4Good out of his house. Then, he started selling his hot sauce and donating all of the proceeds to World Vision Micro and a local food bank, Franciscan Breadline for the Poor.

But he wasn't just selling it, he was selling out of it as fast as his family could make it.  He was growing the peppers in his back yard but couldn’t keep up with production, so he started sourcing peppers and other produce from Norz Hill Farm  and Hillsboro Farm down the road.

His church opened up their commercial kitchen to him so he could increase production  and they regularly have "bottling events" on the weekends staffed by church volunteers.

Tripp and Bob taking a break for a photo.  Tripp Crosby is a host of Leadercast.  You may also recognize him from a recent conference call video.

Six legitimate excuses guys use to get out of Valentine’s Day

“I already sold my plasma for you,” six legitimate excuses guys use to get out of Valentine’s Day

I am not a bandwagon fan or a traitor: Why I converted from the 49ers to the Seahawks

Seahawks Flag on Building resized 600

First off, congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks for making it all the way to the championship! I owe them an especially big thank-you, because now folks at World Vision get to wear their blue and green gear in the weeks leading up to the big game. It’s like two straight work weeks of Casual Friday, which is the best kind of Friday there is.


Full of Eggnog and Resolve: New Year’s Goal-Setting

Happy New Years

Written by Katie Garling, World Vision Supporter

How to Maximize Everything

How to Maximize Everything

Written by Shaun Kempston, Senior Writer, World Vision

I Wish I Could Trade In My MBA


Written by Joe Kempston, Young Life staff member, Retired


Top 10 (Real) “Worst Christmas Gifts Ever”

Christmas gift w tag resized 600

Written by Shaun Kempston, Senior Writer, World Vision

Is a Loan Really Better than Giving a Gift?

Is A Loan Better than a Gift?

Written by Jessie Lester, Writer, World Vision

Confessions of a Dumb Husband: How I Use Gift Cards to Win at Life

Confessions of a Dumb Husband: How I Use Gift Cards to Win at Life

Written by Shaun Kempston, Senior Writer, World Vision

Thank You from World Vision Micro

Thank You from World Vision Micro

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